Four Teams Battle for
Final Three Berths In Northeast

Entering the final week of the season, four teams, separated by two points, are battling for the final three Kelly Cup Playoff berths in the Northeast Division.

Atlantic City has secured its second consecutive postseason berth and it sits atop the Northeast with 90 points and a 39-17-12 record despite going 5-5-0 in its last 10 games. Winning three in a row and going 7-1-2 in its last 10 games, Trenton has moved into second place with 84 points and a 37-21-10 record, one point ahead of Charlotte, who is 8-1-1 in its last 10 games, and Greensboro, who is 4-3-3 in its last 10 games, and two points ahead of Roanoke, who is 4-4-2 in its last 10 games.

Atlantic City’s final four games are all within the division, at Greensboro on Tuesday and at Trenton on Saturday while hosting Trenton on Friday and Reading on Sunday. Trenton plays its final four within the division as well, at Roanoke on Tuesday and at Atlantic City on Friday while hosting Richmond on Wednesday and Atlantic City on Saturday. The Titans have qualified for the postseason each of their first three seasons, advancing to the Northern Conference Finals in their inaugural season of 1999-2000 and the Kelly Cup Finals in 2000-01.

Charlotte, which is looking to advance to the postseason for the third straight year and the eighth time in 10 seasons, plays two of its final three games against division opponents. The Checkers will visit Greensboro on Friday and Richmond on Saturday after playing at Florida on Tuesday.

In its fifth season in the ECHL, Greensboro has never qualified for the postseason. The Generals will play three of their remaining five games within the division, hosting Atlantic City on Tuesday, Roanoke on Wednesday and Charlotte on Friday. Greensboro hosts Lexington on Saturday and visits Greenville on Sunday.

Roanoke plays all five of its games against division opponents, hosting Trenton on Tuesday, Richmond on Friday and Reading on Saturday while visiting Greensboro on Wednesday and Richmond on Sunday.