2005 Coors Light ECHL All-Star
Skills Competition Results

READING, Pa. – Results from the 2005 Coors Light ECHL All-Star Skills Competition held Tuesday, January 25 at Sovereign Center. Attendance – 6,000.

National Conference 10 d. American Conference 9

Puck Control Relay Team

National Conference (Marco Rosa, Long Beach; Dana Lattery, Las Vegas; Ryan Kinasewich, Reading) d. American Conference (Mark Ardelan, South Carolina; Jeff Campbell, Gwinnett; Carl Mallette, Greenville).

Puck Control Relay Individual

National Conference (Andrew Canzanello, San Diego) d. American Conference (Tyler Beechey, Pensacola).

Fastest Skater

American Conference (14.536 average) d. National Conference (14.622 average)

1. Mark Mullen, Pee Dee – 14.299
2. Connor James, Bakersfield – 14.413
3. Joey Tenute, South Carolina – 14.521
4. Tyler Kolarik, Dayton – 14.680
5. Brent Robinson, Trenton – 14.774
6. Jim Jackson, Gwinnett – 14.789

Hardest Shot

National Conference (91.48 average) d. American Conference (90.68 average)

1. Dan Eberly, Toledo – 97.0
2. Jeff Hutchins, Mississippi – 92.1
3. Stephen Wood, Trenton – 92.0
4. Greg Amadio, Columbia – 91.5
5. Ken Magowan, Augusta – 90.5
6. Patrick Wellar, Peoria – 89.4
7. Corey Neilson, Pensacola – 88.6
8. Guy Dupuis, Bakersfield – 87.1

Rapid Fire

National Conference d. American Conference

American Conference (6 of 30) – Matt Pagnutti, Florida and Brian Collins, Pee Dee, 3 of 10vs. Barry Brust (7 saves); Ryan Glenn, Charlotte and Lou Dickenson, Texas, 2 of 10 vs.Chris Madden, Long Beach (8 saves); Carl Mallette, Greenville and Joey Tenute, South Carolina, 1 of 10 vs.Frank Doyle (9 saves).

National Conference (9 of 30) – Chris Minard, Alaska and Brent Robinson, Trenton, 1 of 10 vs.Mike Minard, Columbia (9 saves); Nathan Forster, Victoria and Dan Tessier, Fresno, 3 of 10 vs.Todd Ford, Pensacola (7 saves); Marco Rosa, Long Beach and Jon Francisco, Reading, 5 of 10 vs.Nathan Marsters, Louisiana (5 saves).

Accuracy Shooting

American Conference (9 of 21) d. National Conference (8 of 24)

Individual Winner – Brett Engelhardt, Gwinnett and Derek Edwardson, Atlantic City – (4 of 6)

American Conference – Nicolas Corbeil, Mississippi (4 of 7), Matt Hendricks, Florida (1 of 8), Brett Engelhardt,Gwinnett (4 of 6).

National Conference – Derek Edwardson, Atlantic City (4 of 6), Jean Desrochers, Johnstown(3 of 8), Tyler Kolarik, Dayton (1 of 8).

Breakaway Relay

American Conference d. National Conference

National Conference vs. Nathan Marsters, Louisiana (Saves 4 of 6) – Luke Curtin, Atlantic City (made); Connor James,Bakersfield (missed); Dana Lattery, Las Vegas (missed); Patrick Wellar, Peoria (missed); Andrew Canzanello, San Diego (made);Dan Tessier, Fresno (missed).

American Conference vs. Frank Doyle, Idaho (Saves 3 of 6) – Lou Dickenson, Texas (missed);Brian Collins, Pee Dee (missed); Ken Magowan, Augusta (made); Mark Ardelan, South Carolina(made); Jim Jackson, Gwinnett (made); Jeff Hutchins, Mississippi (missed).

National Conference vs. Todd Ford, Pensacola (Saves 4 of 6) – Marco Rosa, Long Beach (missed);Tyler Kolarik, Dayton (missed); Ryan Kinasewich, Reading (missed); Nathan Forster, Victoria (made);Dan Eberly, Toledo (missed); Jean Desrochers, Johnstown (made).

American Conference vs. Chris Madden, Long Beach (Saves 5 of 6) – Tyler Beechey, Pensacola (missed);Matt Hendricks, Florida (made); Greg Amadio, Columbia (missed); Carl Mallette, Greenville (missed);Mark Mullen, Pee Dee (missed); Jeff Campbell, Gwinnett (missed).

National Conference vs. Mike Minard, Columbia (Saves 5 of 6) – Chris Minard, Alaska (missed);Derek Edwardson, Atlantic City (made); Guy Dupuis, Bakersfield (missed); Brent Robinson, Trenton (missed);Stephen Wood, Trenton (missed); Jon Francisco, Reading (missed).

American Conference vs. Barry Brust, Reading (Saves – 5 of 6) – Matt Pagnutti, Florida (made);Nicolas Corbeil, Mississippi (missed); Brett Engelhardt, Gwinnett (missed); Joey Tenute, South Carolina (missed);Corey Neilson, Pensacola (missed); Ryan Glenn, Charlotte (missed).