2008-09 New Rules

Consistent with the National Hockey League, the following changes have been made for the 2008-09 season:

When the puck hits the goal frame, goal post or crossbar and goes out of play, regardless which team shot the puck, the ensuing faceoff shall take place at one of the end zone faceoff spots in the zone where the puck went out of play.

When players are penalized at a stoppage of play so as to result in penalties being placed on the penalty time clock to one team, the ensuing faceoff shall be conducted at one of the two faceoff spots in the offending team’s end zone with the following exceptions:

1. When a penalty is assessed after the scoring of a goal, the faceoff will be at center ice.
2. When a penalty is assessed at the beginning or end of a period, the faceoff will be at center ice.
3. When the defending team is about to be penalized in the attacking zone beyond the outer edge of the end zone faceoff circle, the faceoff will be in the neutral zone.
4. When the team not being penalized ices the puck, the faceoff will be in the neutral zone outside the blue line of the team icing the puck.

Any player who shoots the puck directly over the glass from his defending zone will be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.

The ice will be dry-scraped with the Zamboni prior to the shootout, using the same guidelines and procedure set forth by the National Hockey League.

Teams may sign up to two players, who have concluded their season and who are without any obligation to their amateur club, to Amateur Tryout Agreements, pending approval by the Professional Hockey Players’ Association.

The third aggressor game misconduct will result in an automatic two-game suspension. The automatic suspension will increase by two games for each subsequent aggressor game misconduct.

The linesman may stop play and report what he witnessed to the referee when it is apparent that an injury has resulted from a high stick that has gone undetected by the referee. The referee will make the final decision as to whether a penalty shall be assessed.

Between-period intermissions can be no less than 15 minutes and no longer than 18 minutes, at the home team’s option.

Pregame warm-up time will be shorted from 20 minutes to 16 minutes.