Aces’ Galbraith Leaves Struggles Behind

By Doyle Woody
Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The remnants of a scab run across the bridge of his nose, a postscript from recent stitches. A faint bruise underscores his right eye.

Cuts, scrapes, bruises and swelling to his melon mean the Alaska Aces’ veteran winger is doing his job, visiting the areas on a hockey rink where crime rates are highest.

In front of the opposing net, a smack to the back of the head drives the visor of his helmet down upon his nose or cheek. Battles behind the net and in the corners inflict stick wounds. Fights — those explain themselves.

Galbraith is at his best when his face becomes a mess — “paying the price,” he calls it.

“That’s because he’s getting in the danger zones, the dirty places,” said Aces captain Scott Burt, Galbraith’s long-time teammate and friend.

Getting there this season took some time — some sleepless nights, some soul-searching, a prolonged slump and one encounter with hockey’s dreaded albatross, the “healthy scratch.”

In the last four games, Galbraith has generated two goals, three assists and a plus-one rating, evidence he may finally be emerging from his early-season funk.

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