Aces’ League-Best Penalty Kill
Begins With Novak On The Draw

By Doyle Woody
Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – You won’t find this play on an Alaska Aces highlight package — it’s not as sexy as a spectacular goal, mind-bending save or rink-rocking hit.It’s just an occasional face-off play, albeit an ingeniously effective one.And all it does is kick-start the club’s penalty kill and win hockey games, both of which are, well, sort of important at this ECHL playoff time of the season.When the Aces begin killing most penalties — and, under a new rule this season, all power plays start in the zone of the penalized team — center Vladimir Novak takes the draw. Depending on which face-off circle is used, either defenseman Derick Martin (who shoots left) or Ryan Turek (who shoots right) lines up behind Novak instead of taking the more traditional, and traffic-laden alignment, at the inside hash-mark of the circle.

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