Aces Rest, Recuperate During Break

By Doyle Woody
Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Banged up and bruised like most of his teammates as the ECHL hockey season grinds into its eighth month, Alaska Aces captain Scott Burt spent Monday doing as little as possible.

“I came down to the rink for treatment and went for an MRI,” Burt said. “I spent the whole rest of the day on the couch.”


The Aces view the one-week break between their playoff elimination of Victoria and the upcoming National Conference finals as terrific timing — ample time to heal and rest, but presumably not so much time between games that rink rust develops.

“For us to be able to have a week of rest is going to make a huge difference for us going into the next round,” said Aces coach Keith McCambridge.

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