Aces’ Shasby Is Skilled, Not Indifferent

By Doyle Woody
Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – When Matt Shasby begins a rink-long rush, he doesn’t grind his skate blades into the ice so much as he glides across the rink. Most players bend at the knees and waist to achieve acceleration, yet he remains relatively upright. His face seldom hints at effort — in picture after picture, he appears impassive, no grimace, no wrinkled sign of strain.

Everything looks easy, and it gets mistaken for indifference.

He seems so unhurried, so unworried.

And, yeah, Shasby knows the rap — he should look like he’s trying harder. Growing up in Eagle River, playing four years at UAA and now entering his fourth season with the Alaska Aces, he’s heard the occasional knock that he must not be emptying his tank.

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