Alaska Wants To Keep
It Simple, Limit Mistakes

By Doyle Woody
Anchorage Daily News

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Rewind more than four months and 50 hockey games, and there lies the Alaska Aces’ template for success on the road.

In their 3-2 win at Ontario on Jan. 7, the Aces exhibited the patience and attention to detail that had been inconsistent traits for them in hostile rinks much of the first half of the ECHL’s regular season. Facing a Reign team that excelled defensively, the Aces employed repetition — they repeatedly got the puck in deep, favored the safe play over the spectacular one and remained dogged until opportunity arose — and their resolve and restraint finally furnished a reward.

“We got pucks deep, we didn’t turn the puck over and we made smart decisions,” Aces coach Keith McCambridge recalled. “We used our speed, everyone was in synch coming up the ice, we made sound puck decisions and won battles, and we were patient.”

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