Bakersfield’s Raymond Fined,
Suspended Five Games

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL announced on Monday that it has suspended Bakersfield coach Marty Raymond for five games and that it has fined him an undisclosed amount as a result of a compensation guideline violation.

The ECHL is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compensation to ensure compliance and to protect the interests of all ECHL Members. Monitoring is conducted on an ongoing basis and sanctions are handed down from time to time. Sanctions are made public only in those instances where coaches, executives or employees are suspended.

Raymond will miss Bakersfield’s games vs. Idaho (Dec. 20), vs. Long Beach (Dec. 22), vs. Fresno (Dec. 26), vs. Las Vegas (Dec. 28) and vs. Las Vegas (Dec. 31).

No further comment will be made by the ECHL on the suspension.