Berti Benefitting From Coach’s Advice

By Christine Troyke
Staff Writer
Gwinnett Daily Post

DULUTH, Ga. – It’s a rare day when Jeff Pyle isn’t ready to take questions from the media immediately after a game.

On Thanksgiving though, the Gwinnett Gladiators head coach asked for a few minutes to talk to one of his players first.

Through the heavy closed doors of his office, an echo of Pyle forceful words could be heard. But it’s no secret who Pyle was talking to or what about.

It was Adam Berti and Pyle was hammering at him, again, to shoot the puck.

Berti, who is averaging a point per game since coming to Gwinnett halfway through last season, was passing up chances around the net and it was driving Pyle to frustration.

“I harped on him forever about not shooting,” Pyle said. “Ask him about that. Ask him how sick he was of me telling him to shoot that (expletive) puck. Because I reamed him.”

Berti chuckled a little before fielding that question.

“Yeah,” Berti said. “I’m more of a passer, but he’s definitely right. I needed to shoot the puck more. And it worked. I’ve been shooting the puck and getting goals, but just getting the puck to the net is always going to create offense.

“I don’t take (Pyle’s hounding) the wrong way. I take it as a positive — he knows that I have a pretty good shot, so I need to use it more.”

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