Bombers Share Christmas Lists, Memories

By Debbie Juniewicz
Contributing Writer
Dayton Daily News

FAIRBORN, Ohio – There are no visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads just yet, but even the Dayton Bombers worry about whether they are on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list.

So, what do the holidays mean to the Bombers?

Tyler Plante
Favorite present: TV/VCR car combo 1996 — “Everyone wanted to ride in my car.”
Wish list: To go back to Manitoba.

Britt Dougherty
Best memory: Shooting wild boar on Christmas day.
Holiday treat: Eggnog.

Jim Henkemeyer
Best memory: Lighting the kitchen table on fire “on accident.”
Favorite food: Green eggs and ham.

Brock Wilson
Best memory: Spending Christmas in Kingston, Ontario, with my family when I was young.
Favorite present: Bigfoot Big Wheel bike.

Danny Lapointe
Favorite present: Super Nintendo, NHL 1994.
Favorite food: Turkey and stuffing.

Nathan Schwartzbauer
Best memory: My brother and I waiting for Santa at night when we were kids.
Wish list: A new suit.

Nino Musitelli
Best memory: Being with my family.
Wish list: Xbox 360.

Tom Zanoski
Best memory: Playing outdoor hockey on Christmas Eve.
Favorite present: Coming home for the holiday and spending time with my family.

Dan Riedel
Wish list: A Blackberry.
Favorite food: Christmas cookies.

Tyler Wooddisse
Best memory: Building snow forts and tobogganing.
Favorite present: New hockey equipment.

Mike McLean
Favorite present: My first pair of skates.
Favorite food: Everything is good when you’re home.

Les Reaney
Best memory: Visiting my grandparents every year.
Favorite present: Golf clubs.

Ryan Smyth
Best present: A hockey stick.
Wish list: A golf membership.

Greg Labenski
Best present: Nintendo.
Favorite food: Cabbage rolls and pierogies.

Christian Gaudet
Best memory: Playing hockey on my pond with my family, friends and neighbors.
Favorite present: Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo.

Paul Drew
Best memory: Snowmobile sleigh rides and pond hockey.
Favorite present: NHL ’94 when I was 11 years old.

Jarret Lukin
Best memory: Spending time with my family, drinking rum and eggnog while decorating the Christmas tree and shaking presents.
Favorite food: Stuffing; sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

Joe Van Culin
Best memory: Skating on our rink at the lake with family and friends and snowmobiling.
Favorite food: Grandma’s cinnamon rolls and fondue.

Mike Looby
Favorite present: Xbox 360.
Wish list: “You name it, I’ll take it.”

Justin Bowers
Memory: Not being able to sleep, then getting up early.
Present: My first Nintendo.