Bourne Discusses Promotions In
Part 6 Of “A Hockey Player’s Life”

Former ECHL All-Star forward Justin Bourne is writing a seven-part series called “A Hockey Player’s Life 24/7/365” for

Shakin’ hands and kissin’ babies ain’t all bad.

As a hockey player, there are certain expectations to meet in the community, despite the fact that some of these guys shouldn’t be allowed near people without proper supervision. But regardless of that, every so often on the whiteboard, or in your stall, is written a notice about what a great guy you’re about to be.

Believe me; we have no problem doing promotional work. It’s just that promotions are to players what exercise is to the rest of the world – a chore to get into, but you always feel better after.

Maybe we don’t always feel better after. We like the promotions where people are excited to see us and we can actually help, like hospital visits.

First, I need to mention the rare promos that can take a hike down Beat It Street.

After the game. Anything after the game is as fun as blocking a shot with your ankle. I don’t want to upset any of the large group of people I’ve gotten along with famously at these things over the years, but it’s just bad timing. Whether it’s skating around with fans, who we absolutely love, or signing autographs for people we thoroughly enjoy, it just. kinda. sucks.

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