Campbell Gets New Wheels On “The Price Is Right”

By Maggie Thach
The Salt Lake Tribune

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Ed Campbell‘s face lights up every time he talks about it. The Utah Grizzly can’t help but smile when his 1990 champagne-colored Cadillac, which he’s driven for the past four years, is the topic of conversation.

Even though there is no back window and it doesn’t go in reverse, it’s been worth every penny for Campbell. Of course, it only cost $800.

“It’s a gem,” Campbell said. “I never put any money in it, just oil changes. My buddies love loading into it and cruising around.”

The car has sentimental value for Campbell. It was dependable enough to make the 40-hour, cross-country drive to Utah, where he came to play hockey, from his home in Boston.

“I can’t believe it made it out here,” said Shannon, Campbell’s wife. “That car is the worst nightmare of my life. In the morning, I have to help him push it out because it doesn’t go in reverse.”

Shannon will be glad to see it go. Campbell is planning to gift the car to teammate Danny Stewart after he receives the Mustang he won on “The Price is Right.”

“He loves that car. It’s not a bad ride,” Stewart said. “It’s definitely a fixer-upper, but it’s whatever. It’s free transportation.”

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