Career Provides Bell Unique Wardrobe

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

When David Bell was named an assistant coach by the Springfield Falcons this month, he got more than a job: He also got a chance to add to his unique professional wardrobe collection.

Working for the Falcons fits right in for Bell, who has a colorful list of team nicknames — animal, human and otherwise — on his playing resume. He’s been a Riverfrog (Louisville, ECHL), a Matador (Miami, ECHL), a Grrrowl (Greenville, ECHL) an Iceman (Broome County, UHL), a Falcon (Springfield, AHL), a Pirate, (Portland, AHL), a Condor (Bakersfield, WCHL) and a Beacon (Port Huron, UHL).

Bell, 30, has collected workout gear from all of these teams. Much of it remains in his closet.

“I think I could open up a zoo,” he said of all the creature nicknames. “I don’t even know what you’d call some of the teams I played for. There’s some pretty neat ones.”

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