Charity Begins At Home
For Cyclones’ Sproat

By Tom Ramstetter

Cincinnati Cyclones forward Dustin Sproat was out of hockey, working full time and trying to do some volunteer work. Volunteering and working with kids comes as naturally to him as hockey did, but something just wasn’t clicking.

“I played hockey at university for four years and then I quit,” Sproat said. “I worked full time for a couple of years and in that time I tried to get involved in the community a little bit. Things didn’t really click. I didn’t really find something that really interested me.

“Then I came back to play hockey just last year. I started in Fresno and I had a lot more time. So I went in and just did a couple of things for the Ronald McDonald House and I was really surprised at how really appreciative everybody was for small extra steps I took to get involved.”

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