Corazzini Racks Up Frequent Flier Miles

By Joanne Ireland
© The Edmonton Journal 2008

EDMONTON, Alberta – Carl Corazzini, who played in the ECHL in 2002-03, had all the usual questions bouncing around his head. What could he have done differently at the Oilers training camp? Was there any way he could have made it past the early round of cuts?

Why did he get the call to return to Edmonton?

“I was on the plane in Minneapolis, on my way home to Boston, when they called to ask if I could get off the plane but the doors were already shut, so I ended up flying back (to Edmonton) the next night.”

Corazzini had been on his way to Springfield last week — via his home in Boston — but there was a glitch with the paperwork that necessitated a return to Edmonton. He said hello to his wife, got back on a plane, then found himself in the lineup against the Flames on Tuesday.

He hadn’t played a pre-season game for the club in two years.

“I was wondering if I was going to play,” said the 29-year-old journeyman. “It was good to get into a big rivalry game — it doesn’t matter if it is the pre-season or the regular season.”

© The Edmonton Journal 2008