Cyclones Showcase Best
Of What Cincinnati Has To Offer

By Paul Daugherty
Cincinnati Enquirer Contributor

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Cyclones are four wins from being the first professional sports franchise to win a title in this town in 18 years. I hope they drink from the Kelly Cup, but I am conflicted about it. It’s bittersweet.

As Indianapolis celebrates its 2012 Super Bowl, we celebrate minor-league hockey. As Indy admires its Super Bowl trophy from two seasons ago, we explain to an entire generation of kid-fans what it was like in 1990. Back in the day.

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about the Cyclones. Their players remind you why you became a sports fan in the first place: successful, accessible, overwhelmingly normal. On Thursday, the whole Cyclones team walked from U.S. Bank Arena to Fountain Square, to attend a pep rally.

That’s right: Walked.

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