Eagles win pair of Game Ops Awards

LOVELAND, Colo. – The Colorado Eagles Game Operations and Video Services departments took home a couple of lofty honors this morning when it was announced on GameOps.com — a leading Web site in the sports entertainment industry — that the team was named the winner for the best "Team Operations" and "Introductions" in 2011.

The site has been recognizing teams for their excellence in game operations with such awards since 2001 and currently doles out eight different awards. Teams from all levels of sports are considered for the annual honors, with other winners this year being the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Entertainment Group) and the Boston Bruins (Game Promotion).

Following are excerpts from the site regarding the two awards earned by the team.

Team Operations: "This minor league team has sold out the venue 311 consecutive times (and counting), so clearly they are doing things right…The Eagles found a way to entertain, engage and grow their fan base with their fun, playful and authentic game presentation. This is clearly a team that understands their market, what their fans want and how to deliver it."

Introduction Video: "The Eagles introduction conveys the fun of the game day experience, from a wide variety of perspectives. The choice of music was also noted to be both unique bold and effective…One panelist also noted the great job the Eagles did incorporating player imaging, fan experience, market-appropriate music, fan education/pride and building energy within a platform that was set up for regular season play."