ECHL Adopts A New Standard For Officiating

In its continuing role as the primary development league for the National Hockey League and the American Hockey League, the ECHL and its officials will adopt the standard of rules enforcement for 2006-07.

ECHL Vice President of Hockey Operations Rod Pasma traveled to the NHL office in Toronto to develop a video presentation used to prepare ECHL players, coaches and officials for a new standard of officiating under the one-man referee system. The new enforcement procedures were explained to league coaches at their annual meeting, to league Governors at their preseason meeting, and to on-ice officials at preseason training camps. The video is also available for fans to watch at the league’s official web site at

“We followed the NHL very closely last season and have seen the positive effect that the new standard has had on their game,” said Pasma. “We are grateful to the NHL hockey operations and officiating departments for their assistance in developing a similar standard of rules enforcement geared toward the one-referee system.

“This change will help ease the transition for players and officials as they move up to the AHL and the NHL, but even more important is the faster and more enjoyable game for our fans,” he added.

“The NHL is pleased that the ECHL has adopted the new standard of rule enforcement. It is an exciting change and one which will improve the game all around,” said Walkom. “We look forward to working with the ECHL’s hockey operations department, officiating department and on-ice staff to make the transition to the new standard as easy as possible for the ECHL.”