Has 2 Million
Page Views For First Time

2004 Page Views Up More Than 87 Percent From 2003

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL All-Star Game helped the ECHL web site ( surpass two million page views for the first time in history. The site had 2,128,147 page views, an increase of more than 53 percent from January 2004 and up more than 138 percent from January 2003. and averaged 68,650 page views per day.

The month of January saw set all-time highs for average page views per day (68,650) and user sessions (362,610) while the 134,403 unique visitors is the second highest month on record. had 12,732,721 page views in 2004, an increase of over 87 percent from 2003; 1,037,870 unique visitors, up more than 72 percent from 2003; and 2,471,121 user sessions, an increase of more than 78.5 percent from 2003.

In its second season, the Network has links to teams and league partners and provides fans with information on league programs and contests. is a member of the Network for the fourth year in a row. is a 46-site network that includes the official National Hockey League web site as well as NHL team sites and NHL partners, including the top two developmental leagues with the ECHL and the American Hockey League.

The ECHL web site has been hosted the past three years by GKG Sports Network located in College Station, Texas.