ECHL Offers Fantasy SeniorLeagueHockey

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL on Thursday announced that it has formed a partnership with Cat Games and the National Hockey League to present ECHL SeniorLeagueHockey, a humorous fantasy hockey that allows participants to compete online against thousands of opponents.

ECHL SeniorLeagueHockey is available at ECHL SeniorLeagueHockey.

Developed in conjunction with UK-based Cat Games and the National Hockey League, SeniorLeagueHockey is a multi-player sports management game with over 100,000 players registered. Team managers are assigned a team of underachieving, amateur players to whip into shape for online competition. The games are free to play, but require use of game credits for certain options such as buying new players and training expenses.

In addition to selecting their team and lineup, including power play and penalty kill units, managers choose tactics, playing style, training methods and more while also being able to customize their team name, mascot, and player names and faces.

Featuring division play, playoff cups, exhibition matches and knockout tournaments, individuals determine their level of game play from basic to highly competitive. There are also forums and chats with other managers.