ECHL Scoreboard

For those fans who have had trouble accessing the ECHL Scores during games, please note the following.


There is a known issue with Internet Explorer 7 that would make the links not work. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot we can do about that. Internet Explorer is notorious for not maintaining web standards and displaying its own thing. Additionally, Internet Explorer 9 public beta was released not long ago, and Microsoft has ended support for IE 7 as of July 2010. So, while there isn’t much we can do about the browser choice visitors make, it does work correctly in Internet Explorer 8, Fire Fox, Chrome and Safari, and if you install Internet Explorer 8, that will fix the problem.


The direct link for the Daily Scoreboard is That link will take you directly to the score page, allowing you to see the scores for all games taking place on that day, as well as choosing the game sheet you would like to view.