ECHL Scoring, Power-Play Goals
Up From 2004-05

PRINCETON, N.J. – Through the first three weeks of the season in the ECHL, scoring has increased by 15 percent, an average of almost one goal per game, while power-play goals are up 62 percent from last season.

The first three weeks of 2005-06 produced 559 goals in 86 games, an average of 6.5 goals per game, compared to 532 goals in 94 games, an average of 5.7 goals per game, for the first three weeks of 2004-05. The top-scoring team for the first three weeks in 2005-06 is Idaho with 37 goals in eight games compared to Gwinnett in 2004-05 which had 29 goals in eight games.

The league has seen 214 power-play goals scored in the first three weeks of 2005-06, an increase of 70 power-play goals from 2004-05, and teams are averaging 2.48 power-play goals per game compared to 1.53 power-play goals per game a year ago. The average power-play success has also increased, 18.43 percent in 2005-06 compared to 15.33 percent in 2004-05.