ECHL Trade Tracker


The ECHL Trade Deadline was at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday. The following trades were completed prior to the deadline:


Evan Trupp, FChris Haltigin, D
   Shawn Skelly, F
Aaron Bogosian, F   Pat Knowlton, F

Ben Woodley, DFuture Considerations
Nick Walsh, FCompletes Jan. 14 trade
Ryan Grimshaw, D (Rights)
Completes Jan. 16 trade
Ryan Ginand, F  Future Considerations
James Reid, G  Future Considerations 
Peter Boyd, F Phil Mangan, F
   Art Bidlevskii, D
David Walker, D (Rights) Future Considerations 
Francis Meilleur, D  Future Considerations  
Sean Duddy, D (Rights)Future Considerations
Cody Reichard, G (Rights) Future Considerations
Kevin M. Baker, FFuture Considerations
Taylor Carnevale, F
Future Considerations