ECHL Transactions – March 24

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, March 24, 2017:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Steven Summerhays, G





Patrick Watling, F from Orlando





Add        Brendan Bradley, F             signed ATO, added to active roster

Add        Mason McDonald, G          assigned from Stockton by Calgary (NHL)

Add        Keegan Kanzig, D                assigned from Stockton by Calgary (NHL)

Add        Brock Montgomery, F        activated from reserve

Delete     Peter MacArthur, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Stepan Falkovsky, D          placed on reserve

Delete     Mike Bergin, D                     placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/6)

Delete     Drew Fielding, G                   loaned to Providence



Add        Jory Mullin, F                       signed ATO, added to active roster



Add        Kent Patterson, G                                signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Ben Marshall, D                   assigned by Providence (AHL)



Add        Matt Petgrave, D                 signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Luke Pither, F                       activated from reserve

Delete     David Ling, F                        placed on reserve

Delete     Luc-Olivier Blain, F             placed on reserve

Delete     Mathieu Gagnon, F             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/10)



Add        Braeden Shaw, F                 signed ATO, added to active roster



Delete     Stephen MacAulay, F         recalled by Springfield (AHL) [3/23]



Add        Jeff Malcolm, G                   assigned by Hartford (AHL) 



Add        Landon Bow, G                   assigned by Texas (AHL) [3/23]

Add        Mike McMurtry, F               assigned by Texas (AHL) [3/23]

Add        Justin Hache, D                    assigned from Texas by Dallas (NHL) [3/23]

Add        Brandon Anselmini, D        activated from reserve [3/23]

Delete     Connor Chatham, F            placed on reserve [3/23]

Delete     Rhett Holland, D                 placed on reserve [3/23]

Delete     Bryce Van Brabant, F        placed on Injured Reserve [3/23] (effective 3/4)

Delete     Jeffery Siwik, G                    released as EBUG [3/23]



Add        Robin Press, D                      activated from reserve

Add        Adam Phillips, D                  activated from reserve

Delete     Jake Marchment, F             placed on reserve

Delete     Travis Armstrong, D            placed on reserve



Add        Thomas Schutt, F                                signed ATO, added to active roster

Delete     Ashton Rome, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Zach Nagelvoort, G             signed contract, added t active roster

Add        Justin Breton, F                    activated from reserve

Delete     Justin Selman, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Jon Jutzi, D                           activated from reserve [3/23]

Add        Taylor Doherty, D               returned from loan to Providence

Delete     Ben Danford, D                   placed on reserve [3/23]


Quad City:          

Delete     Shane Sooth, F                     suspended by team, removed from active roster



Add        Jesper Pettersson, D             assigned from Lehigh Valley by Philadelphia (NHL)

Add        Johnny McInnis, F                              activated from reserve

Delete     Chase Golightly, D              placed on reserve

Delete     Michael Huntebrinker, F    placed on reserve

Delete     Matt Salhany, F                   suspended by team, removed from active roster 


South Carolina: 

Add        Kevin Dufour, F                   signed contract, added to active roster



Add        Rob Nichols, G                     signed ATO, added to active roster

Add        Zac Larraza, F                     assigned by San Diego (AHL)

Delete     Tim Daly, D                          loaned to Manitoba