Final chance for ECHL.TV early-bird pricing

Early-bird pricing for ECHL.TV ends TODAY! CLICK HERE to place your order and save off the normal prices, which go into effect tomorrow.

The online streaming platform gives ECHL fans more access and options than ever before and games can be viewed on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices all through a single user account. All ECHL games will be broadcast in High Definition for the 2016-17 season through this platform.

Eight packages are available for fans to purchase on ECHL.TV. In addition to single live and archived games, fans will have the ability to purchase five or 10-game packages, allowing them to pre-pay in advance and select the games they want to watch during the regular season.

Also available are packages allowing fans to purchase every away game played by their favorite team during the 2016-17 season, or a Team – Home & Away pass which allows them to watch all 72 games. Fans can also subscribe to the “All Access” Pass which includes viewing of all 972 games on the ECHL schedule during the 2016-17 season, as well as the library of current season archived footage to watch prior games all year round.

2016-17 ECHL.TV PricingEarly Bird (through Oct. 23)Regular Season (Oct. 24-Apr. 8)
Single Live Game$7.99$7.99
5-Game Package$29.99$29.99
10-Game Package$54.99$54.99
Single Archived Game$3.99$3.99
Team – Away *$89.99$109.99
Team – Home & Away *$149.99$179.99
All Access *$249.99$279.99
* Team Packages and All Access include viewing of current season archived games within each respective package.