ECHL Transactions - Dec. 16

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, Dec. 16, 2016:


Add        Josh Jacobs, D                      assigned from Albany by New Jersey (NHL)

Add        Brian Ward, F                       activated from reserve

Delete     Alex Fedoseyev, F               placed on reserve

Delete     Nolan Kaiser, D                    placed on reserve

Delete     Dana Fraser, F                      placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/27)


Add        Vladimir Nikiforov, F          activated from reserve

Delete     Tyler Ruegsegger, F             placed on reserve


Add        Jake Bolton, D                     activated from reserve

Delete     Josh Atkinson, D                  placed on reserve


Add        Lucas Venuto, F                  activated from reserve

Add        Ian Harris, F                         signed contract, added to active roster

Delete     Scott Jacklin, F                     placed on reserve

Delete     Mitch Zion, F                        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/5)

Delete     Mathieu Gagnon, F             recalled by St. John’s (AHL)

Delete     Mike Vernace, D                  suspended by team, removed from active roster


Add        Nathan Lieuwen, G             assigned by San Antonio (AHL)


Add        Nick Niedert, G                     added as EBUG


Add        Zack Kamrass, D                 activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Josh Wesley, D                     assigned from Charlotte by Carolina (NHL)

Add        Dalton Smith, F                    activated from reserve

Delete     Alexander Kuqali, D           placed on reserve

Delete     Curt Gogol, F                        placed on reserve

Delete     Matt Hatch, F                      placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/4)

Fort Wayne:       

Add        Jamie Schaafsma, F           activated from reserve

Add        Curtis Leonard, D                activated from reserve

Delete     Mason Baptista, F               placed on reserve

Delete     Kyle Follmer, D                    placed on reserve


Add        Tyler Biggs, F                        activated from reserve

Delete     Dajon Mingo, D                   placed on reserve


Add        Rocco Carzo, F                    activated from reserve

Add        Kyle Schempp, F                 activated from reserve

Delete     Kevin Tansey, D                  placed on reserve


Delete     Aaron Harstad, D                                placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/4)


Add        Jon Jutzi, D                           activated from reserve


Add        Dane Walters, F                   activated from reserve

Delete     Jared Nightingale, D            loaned to Chicago (AHL)

Delete     Jay Stevens, G                      released as EBUG


Add        Alexis Loiseau, F                 returned from loan to Binghamton

Add        Logan Nelson, F                   activated from reserve

Delete     Mitch Holmberg, F              placed on reserve