Q & A with Kevin Goumas

2015-16 Sher-wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week Q&A
Kevin Goumas - March 7-13, 2016

ECHL: Congratulations on winning the Sher-Wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week! You grew up in New York – went to school in New Hampshire – and have played professionally with Adirondack, Lehigh Valley and Reading. What does it mean to you to be able to play the majority of your playing career in the northeast?
Kevin Goumas: It has meant to a lot to me, particularly to have the support of my friends and family who’ve been able to come out and watch portions of my pro career.

ECHL: You’ve played the majority of your pro career in the AHL. What is the biggest difference you see between the AHL and ECHL?
KG: The speed at the AHL level reduces time and space and makes it a bit more of a challenge to make certain types of plays.

ECHL: Were any of your UNH teammates/former teammates especially helpful in your transition to professional hockey?
KG: There have been several former teammates from my time in college who have given me different perspectives on what it takes to be a successful pro player. I’ve listened closely to their insights and attempted to put their advice into action when it’s been applicable to my circumstances.

ECHL: How would you describe being a member of the Philadelphia Flyers organization?
KG: It’s been an awesome experience to be part of the Flyers’ organization, which is run by first-rate people from top to bottom. The Flyers treat all of the players exceptionally well.

ECHL: Looking back on your career to this point, what has been your proudest ‘hockey moment’ so far?
KG: During my collegiate career at UNH, we had the opportunity to play at Fenway Park in front of 38,000 fans against our rival, the Maine Black Bears.