Q & A with Ludwig Blomstrand

2015-16 Sher-wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week Q&A
Ludwig Blomstrand - March 21-27, 2016

ECHL: Congratulations on winning the Sher-Wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week! You’re seventh in the ECHL this season with 58 points in 65 games, and tied for third in the league with six game-winning goals. To what do you attribute playing at such a high level this season?
Ludwig Blomstrand: Obviously my coaches have taught me a ton over the past three seasons and it has helped me develop as a pro. My teammates have helped a lot as well and help me play to my strengths and use my skills to the best of my ability.

ECHL: As the 2016 Kelly Cup Playoffs approach and the K-Wings are fighting for a playoff spot – every point matters. How would you describe the feeling in the locker room at this time of the season?
LB: It's the best time of the year! Every game is meaningful and I love playing in those kind of games. The team is embracing it and I feel it has shown in our play lately.

ECHL: This is your third season playing in the ECHL – what have you learned most about yourself, as a player, and a professional, from your time in Kalamazoo?
LB: It's been great playing here in Kalamazoo. The way the organization treats us-- from the owners down-- is top notch and it has really helped me enjoy my time as a K-Wing. Living in a new country was hard at first but the staff and teammates have made the transition a lot easier for me and have made Kalamazoo a second home for me. Between Nick Bootland, Sam Ftorek and former coach Colin Chaulk (formerly of the Wings, currently the head coach of Brampton), they have helped me develop as a player and continue to do so, as I achieve to get better every day.

ECHL: You hail from Sweden originally – what do you miss the most about your homeland while you are over in the US playing hockey?
LB: The toughest part is being so far away from my family and friends.

ECHL: Looking back on your career to this point, what has been your proudest hockey moment’ so far?
LB: My proudest hockey moment was when I got drafted by Vancouver in 2011.