ECHL Transactions - Nov. 18

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017:


Delete     Angelo Miceli, F                   placed on reserve

Delete     Matt Ginn, G                        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/18)


Add        Nick Betz, F                          activated from reserve

Delete     Curt Gogol, F                        placed on reserve


Add        Tommy Kelley, F                 signed contract, added to active roster

Rapid City:         

Add        Josh Elmes, D                       activated from reserve

Add        Anthony Collins, F              activated from reserve

Delete     Marcus Ortiz, F                    placed on reserve

Delete     Kyle Dutra, F                        placed on reserve


Add        Kent Nusbaum, G                added as EBUG

Add        Patrick McCarron, D           assigned by Grand Rapids

Add        Charlie O’Connor, F            activated from reserve

Delete     Shane Berschbach, F          placed on reserve

Delete     C.J. Groh, G                          released as EBUG


Add        Samuel Thibault, D             activated from reserve

Delete     Travis Brown, D                   placed on reserve