ECHL Transactions - Dec. 15

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, Dec. 15, 2017:


Add        Blake Thompson, D            added to active roster (traded from Cincinnati)


Delete     Dan Leavens, F                    traded to Rapid City


Add        Phil Lane, F                           returned from loan to Milwaukee

Add        Colin Jacobs, F                     activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Taylor Doherty, D               activated from reserve

Delete     Colin Sullivan, D                  placed on reserve

Delete     Rick Pinkston, D                  placed on reserve


Add        Zack Kamrass, D                 activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Tyler Ganly, D                      placed on reserve

Fort Wayne:       

Add        Ryan Lowney, D                 activated from reserve

Delete     Louick Marcotte, F             placed on reserve


Add        Matt Marcinew, F                activated from reserve


Add        Jordan Abt, D                       activated from reserve


Add        Joe Perry, F                           activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Michael Turner, F                activated from reserve

Delete     Adam Phillips, D                  placed on reserve

Quad City:          

Delete     Ales Sova, D                         traded to Kansas City

Rapid City:         

Add        Tom Maxwell, F                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Cody Karpinski, G               added as EBUG

Delete     Christian Frey, G                  recalled by Iowa

Delete     Alex Guptill, F                      traded to Allen


Delete     Matt Wilkins, F                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/9)

South Carolina: 

Delete     Dylan Margonari, F             recalled by Hershey


Add        Michael Pelech, F                      activated from reserve

Add        Charley Graaskamp, F       activated from reserve

Delete     Jon Puskar, F                        placed on reserve

Delete     Brendan Harms, F               placed on reserve


Add        Kevin Schulze, D                 activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Ross McMullan, D              placed on reserve


Add        Yannick Turcotte, F            activated from reserve

Delete     Josh Monk, D                       placed on reserve