ECHL Transactions - Dec. 16

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017:


Add        Nick Riopel, G                      activated from reserve

Delete     Stephen Johnson, D            placed on reserve


Add        Olivier Archambault, F       activated from reserve

Add        Bryan Moore, F                   assigned by San Jose (AHL)

Delete     Spencer Asuchak, F            recalled by San Jose (AHL)

Delete     Miles Liberati, D                  placed on reserve

Delete     Connor Reilly, F                   placed on reserve


Add        Dan Vladar, G                      assigned from Providence by Boston


Add        Brandon Billie, G                 signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Scott Jacklin, F                     activated from reserve

Delete     Kevin Dufour, F                   placed on reserve


Add        Teigan Zahn, D                    activated from reserve

Delete     Gabriel Verpaelst, D            placed on reserve

Fort Wayne:       

Add        Louick Marcotte, F             activated from reserve

Delete     Ryan Lowney, D                 placed on reserve


Add        Brock Beukeboom, D         activated from reserve

Add        Derek Sutliffe, F                   activated from reserve

Delete     Curt Gogol, F                        placed on reserve

Add        Caleb Herbert, F                  activated from reserve

Delete     Derek Sutliffe, F                   placed on reserve

Delete     Brock Beukeboom, D         placed on reserve


Add        Daniel Tedesco, F                activated from reserve

Delete     Aaron Harstad, D                                placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/3)

Delete     Justin Parizek, F                   loaned to San Jose (AHL)

Add        Charlie Dodero, D                activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Daniel Tedesco, F                placed on reserve

Delete     Mitch Moroz, F                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/10)


Add        Stephen Collins, F                activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Riley Sweeney, D placed on reserve


Add        Mark Esshaki, D                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Jamie Phillips, G                   assigned from Manitoba by Winnipeg

Delete     Jamie Phillips, G                   recalled to Manitoba by Winnipeg

Kansas City:       

Add        Ales Sova, D                         added to active roster (traded from Quad City)

Delete     Troy Donnay, D                   placed on reserve


Add        Alexander Mikulovich, D   activated from reserve

Rapid City:         

Add        Shane Owen, G                    added to active roster (traded from Wichita)

Add        Christian Frey, G                  assigned by Iowa

Delete     Jimmy DeVito, F                  placed on reserve

Delete     Darian Dziurzynski, F         placed on reserve

Delete     Cody Karpinski, G               released as EBUG


Add        Shane Starrett, G                 assigned from Bakersfield by Edmonton

Delete     Shane Owen, G                    traded to Rapid City

Add        Shaquille Merasty, F           activated from reserve

Delete     Greg Chase, F                       placed on reserve


Add        Wade Murphy, F                 activated from reserve

Delete     Ashton Rome, F                   placed on reserve