ECHL Transactions - Dec. 9

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017:



Eric Ylitalo, F from Brampton



Add        Sean Bonar, G                       activated from reserve


Add        David Vallorani, F                signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Luc-Olivier Blain, F              activated from reserve

Delete     Scott Jacklin, F                     placed on reserve

Delete     Jackson Leef, F                     placed on reserve


Add        Arvin Atwal, D                     assigned by Rochester

Add        Shane Walsh, F                    activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Daniel Muzito Bagenda, F  activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Blake Thompson, D             activated from reserve

Delete     Shawn O’Donnell, F            placed on reserve

Delete     Nick Trecapelli, D placed on reserve

Delete     Vaclav Karabacek, F            placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/23)

Fort Wayne:        

Add        Jason Binkley, D                  activated from reserve

Delete     Taylor Crunk, F                    placed on reserve


Add        Mike MacDonald, G            added as EBUG

Add        Tayler Thompson, F            activated from reserve

Delete     Kyle Rankin, F                      placed on reserve

Delete     Cal Heeter, G                         recalled by Toronto (AHL)

Rapid City:           

Add        Darian Dziurzynski, F          activated from reserve

Delete     Anthony Collins, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Gustav Bouramman, D        placed on reserve

Delete     Dylan Labbe, D                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/9)

Delete     Ian Brady, D                          placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/9)


Add        Brad Campagna, D               activated from reserve

Add        Scott Tanski, F                     activated from reserve

Delete     Matt Wilkins, F                    placed on reserve

Delete     Tyler Brown, F                      placed on reserve


Delete     Tyler Barnes, F                     loaned to Cleveland


Delete     James Melindy, D                recalled by San Diego

Add        Garrett Haar, D                      activated from reserve

Add        Brendan Harms, F                activated from reserve

Delete     Charley Graaskamp, F          placed on reserve

Delete     Mike Pelech, F                      placed on reserve


Add        Will King, G                          added as EBUG

Delete     Billy Higgins, G                    released as EBUG

Add        Billy Higgins, G                    added as EBUG


Add        Jeremy Beaudry, D               activated from reserve