ECHL Transactions - Oct. 20

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, October 20, 2018:



Delete     Joel Messner, D                    recalled by Providence

Delete     Miroslav Svoboda, G          recalled to Milwaukee by Nashville



Add        Mathieu Gagnon, D            activated from reserve

Delete     Brandon MacLean, F         placed on reserve



Add        Shaw Boomhower, F          activated from reserve [10/19]

Delete     Mitch Jones, D                     placed on reserve [10/19]

Add        Mitch Jones, D                     activated from reserve

Add        Nate Mitton, F                      activated from reserve

Delete     Justin Lemcke, D                 placed on reserve

Delete     Shaw Boomhower, F          placed on reserve



Add        Stanislav Dzakhov, F         activated from reserve

Add        Alex Globke, F                     activated from reserve

Delete     Josh Henke, F                       placed on reserve

Delete     Charley Graaskamp, F       placed on reserve



Add        Anthony Collins, F              activated from reserve

Delete     Kevin Dufour, F                   placed on reserve


Kansas City:       

Add        C.J. Eick, F                            activated from reserve

Delete     Dave Dziurzynski, F            placed on reserve



Add        John Furgele, D                    activated from reserve

Delete     Derek Pratt, D                       placed on reserve



Add        Gasper Kopitar, F                                activated from reserve

Delete     Jared Fiegl, F                         placed on reserve



Add        Roberts Locans, F               activated from reserve

Delete     Jake Wood, F                       placed on reserve



Add        Stefan Fournier, F                activated from reserve

Delete     Christophe Lalancette, F    placed on reserve


Rapid City:         

Add        Alec Baer, F                          activated from reserve

Add        Tyler Poulsen, F                   activated from reserve

Delete     Mason McCarty, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Dylan Quaile, D                   placed on reserve


South Carolina: 

Add        Parker Milner, G                   assigned by Hershey

Add        Bo Brauer, F                         activated from reserve

Delete     Patrick Gaul, F                     placed on reserve

Delete     Jeff Jakaitis, G                     released as EBUG



Add        Jeremy Beaudry, D             activated from reserve [10/19]

Add        Matt Schmalz, F                  activated from reserve [10/19]

Delete     John McFarland, F              placed on reserve [10/19]

Delete     Marc-Olivier Crevier-Morin, D          placed on reserve [10/19]

Delete     Jake Kulevich, D                  recalled by Bakersfield [10/19]

Add        Marc-Olivier Crevier-Morin, D          activated from reserve

Delete     Colin Jacobs, F                     placed on reserve