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ECHL Transactions - Oct. 26

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, October 26, 2018:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


Kansas City:       

Ben Halford, G



Jimmy Soper, F



Manny Gialedakis, F





Add        Andrew Tessier, D                added to active roster (traded from Cincinnati)

Delete     Matt Salhany, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Chad Butcher, F                  activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Thomas Frazee, F                                activated from reserve

Delete     Josh Thrower, D                   placed on reserve

Delete     Pavel Jenys, F                       placed on reserve

Delete     Kevin Sundher, F                 placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/21)



Add        Tyler Moy, F                         assigned from Milwaukee by Nashville

Delete     Andrew Schmit, F                placed on reserve



Add        Daniel Altshuller, G             signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Mathieu Gagnon, D            activated from reserve

Delete     Chris Leveille, F                   placed on reserve

Delete     Chris Martenet, D                placed on reserve

Delete     Jake Paterson, G                  recalled by Belleville

Delete     Alexandre Mentink, F         placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/15)

Delete     Reggie Traccitto, D              placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/22)



Add        Mike Marnell, F                   added to active roster (traded from Maine)

Add        Alex Wideman, F                 activated from Injured Reserve


Fort Wayne:        

Add        Joe Widmar, F                      activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Phelix Martineau, F             placed on reserve



Add        Jack Nevins, F                      activated from reserve

Add        Reid Petryk, F                       activated from reserve

Delete     Alex Dahl, F                          placed on reserve

Delete     Kyle Schempp, F                 placed on reserve



Add        Cam Maclise, F                    assigned by Manitoba

Add        Denis Tsaruk, G                   activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Dylan Walchuk, F               placed on reserve

Delete     Matt Ustaski, F                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/14)

Delete     Mikhail Berdin, G                recalled to Manitoba by Winnipeg



Delete     Jagger Dirk, D                       recalled by Utica


Kansas City:       

Add        Zach Fischer, F                     assigned by Stockton

Add        Mason McDonald, G          activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Dave Dziurzynski, F            activated from reserve

Delete     C.J. Eick, F                            placed on reserve

Delete     Joey Sides, F                         placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/22)



Add        Garrett Cecere, D                 activated from reserve

Delete     John Furgele, D                    placed on reserve



Add        Craig Wyszomirski, D         activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Joe Spagnoli, G                    added as EBUG



Add        Kyle Cumiskey, D               signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Tate Olson, D                       added to active roster (traded from Allen)

Add        Hudson Elynuik, F              assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Delete     Hudson Elynuik, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Carter Struthers, D               placed on reserve

Delete     Maxim Mizyurin, F             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/10)

Delete     Zach O’Brien, F                   placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/20)



Add        Kevin Klima, F                     assigned by Tucson

Add        Kelly Klima, F                      assigned by Tucson

Delete     Kelly Klima, F                      placed on reserve

Delete     Romain Chuard, D              placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/21)



Add        Dylan Fitze, F                       activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Vince Dunn, F                      placed on reserve



Add        Samuel Thibault, D             activated from reserve

Add        Jordan Topping, F               activated from reserve

Add        Charlie O’Connor, F            activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Tyler Spezia, F                     placed on reserve

Delete     Dan Leavens, F                    placed on reserve

Delete     Mackenze Stewart, D         retired from ECHL



Delete     Ian Keserich, G                    released as EBUG



Add        Nolan DeJong, D                  returned from loan to Colorado (AHL)

Add        Travis Barron, F                   assigned from Colorado (AHL) by Colorado (NHL)

Delete     Josh Winquist, F                   placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/21)



Add        John McFarland, F              activated from reserve

Delete     Lane Bauer, F                      placed on reserve