ECHL Transactions - Dec. 14

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, December 14, 2018:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Chase Nieuwendyk, F



Guillaume Naud, F





Add        Josh Thrower, D                   activated from reserve

Add        Alex Ranger, F                     activated from reserve

Delete     Greg Chase, F                       traded to Maine



Add        Tanner Froese, F                  signed contract, added to active roster


Fort Wayne:       

Add        Chris Rygus, D                     activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Justin Hodgman, F              activated from reserve

Add        Justin Kea, F                         activated from reserve

Delete     Aidan Muir, F                       placed on reserve

Delete     Chris Rygus, D                     traded to Jacksonville

Delete     Garrett Ladd, F                    traded to Jacksonville



Add        Travis Howe, F                     returned from loan to Tucson

Delete     Kevin Miller, F                      placed on reserve



Add        Geoff Crisfield, D                activated from reserve

Delete     Charlie Dodero, D                placed on reserve



Add        Quentin Shore, F                  activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Matt Tomkins, G                 activated from reserve

Add        Josh Shalla, F                       activated from reserve

Delete     Anthony Collins, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Jason Pawloski, G                placed on reserve

Delete     Brett Welychka, F               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/8)



Add        Dylan Walchuk, F               activated from reserve

Delete     Trey Phillips, D                     traded to Fort Wayne



Add        Eric Kattelus, D                    activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Wade Murphy, F                 activated from reserve

Delete     Luke Sandler, F                    placed on reserve


Kansas City:       

Add        Mason McDonald, G          activated from reserve

Add        Mark Cooper, F                   activated from reserve

Delete     Brett Beauvais, D                                placed on reserve

Delete     Zach Fischer, F                     placed on reserve



Delete     Riley Bourbonnais, F          traded to Allen



Add        Justin Agosta, D                   signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Daniil Miromanov, D/F      signed contract, added to active roster



Add        A.J. Whiffen, G                    added as EBUG (a.m.)

Delete     A.J. Whiffen, G                    released as EBUG (p.m.)

Delete     Michael Garteig, G              recalled by Toronto (AHL)



Add        Shayne Morrissey, F           signed contract, added to active roster

Delete     John Gustafsson, F              placed on reserve



Add        Charlie Millen, G                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Andrew D’Agostini, G         signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Joel Eisenhower, G              added as EBUG (a.m.)

Add        Alex Roos, F                         activated from reserve

Delete     Travis Armstrong, D            placed on reserve

Delete     Adam Marsh, F                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/1)

Delete     Joel Eisenhower, G              released as EBUG (p.m.)


South Carolina: 

Add        John MacLeod, D                                activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Bo Brauer, F                         placed on reserve



Add        A.J. Jenks, F                          activated from reserve

Delete     Dylan Sadowy, F                 recalled to Grand Rapids by Detroit



Add        Chris Lamb, G                      added as EBUG

Delete     Scott Moldenhauer, D        recalled by San Diego



Add        Michael Economos, F         signed contract, added to active roster