ECHL Transactions - Dec. 22

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, December 22, 2018:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Jared Ross, F


Fort Wayne:       

Aidan Muir, F





Add        Dylan Pasco, G                    added as EBUG

Delete     Devin Buffalo, G                 loaned to Utica

Add        Dylan Walchuk, F               added to active roster (traded from Jacksonville) [12/21]



Delete     Olivier Galipeau, D              recalled by Providence



Add        Anthony Dumont-Bouchard, G        signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Chase Golightly, D              activated from reserve

Add        Mathieu Gagnon, D            activate from reserve

Delete     Chris Martenet, D                placed on reserve

Delete     Jake Paterson, G                  recalled by Belleville



Add        Olivier Dame-Malka, D      activated from reserve [12/21]

Delete     Justin Wade, D                     placed on reserve [12/21]


Fort Wayne:       

Add        Alexander Kuqali, D           activated from reserve

Add        Ryan Siiro, F                         activated from reserve

Delete     Trey Phillips, D                     placed on reserve

Delete     Zach Fucale, G                     recalled to Chicago (AHL) by Vegas

Delete     Justin Kea, F                         traded to Orlando



Delete     Alex Globke, F                     traded to Tulsa



Add        Brett Welychka, F               activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Robert Powers, D                 activated from reserve

Add        Avery Peterson, F                activated from reserve

Delete     Anthony Collins, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Miles Liberati, D                  placed on reserve



Add        Dave Desander, G               signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Tyler Ganly, D                      activated from reserve

Delete     Zach Diamantoni, F            placed on reserve

Delete     Ivan Kulbakov, G                               recalled by Utica



Add        Ludlow Harris, D                 activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Roberts Locans, F               activated from reserve

Delete     Brandon Rumble, D            placed on reserve

Delete     Stanislav Dzakhov, F         placed on reserve



Add        Bobby Fowler, G                  added as EBUG

Delete     Martin Ouellette, G              recalled by Syracuse

Delete     Justin Kea, F                         traded to Toledo



Add        Kevin Goumas, F                 activated from reserve

Delete     Travis Armstrong, D            placed on reserve

Delete     Bo Pieper, F                          placed on reserve

Delete     Charlie Millen, G                  traded to Orlando


South Carolina: 

Add        Josh Gratton, F                     signed contract, added to active roster

Delete     Nick Roberto, F                    placed on reserve



Add        Justin Kea, F                         added to active roster (traded from Orlando)

Delete     Dan DeSalvo, F                    recalled by Cleveland



Delete     Tyler Soy, F                          recalled by San Diego



Delete     Joe Cannata, G                    recalled to Colorado (AHL) by Colorado (NHL)



Add        Tommy Kelley, F                 activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Alexis Vanier, D                   placed on reserve