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ECHL Transactions - Dec. 9

Following are the ECHL transactions for Sunday, December 9, 2018:



Add        Artur Tyanulin, F                 activated from reserve


Fort Wayne:       

Add        Aidan Muir, F                       activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Brandon Lubin, D               activated from reserve

Add        Ryan Siiro, F                         activated from reserve

Delete     Justin Hodgman, F              placed on reserve

Delete     Justin Kea, F                         placed on reserve

Add        Shawn Szydlowski, F          activated from reserve [12/8]

Delete     Brandon Lubin, D               placed on reserve [12/8]

Delete     Ryan Siiro, F                         placed on reserve [12/8]



Delete     Colton Saucerman, D         loaned to Utica



Add        Jason Pawloski, G                activated from reserve

Delete     Matt Tomkins, G                 placed on reserve



Add        Luke Sandler, F                    activated from reserve

Delete     Kyle Thomas, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Luke Stork, F                        activated from reserve

Delete     Dwyer Tschantz, F              placed on reserve



Add        Tayler Thompson, F           activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Matt Schmalz, F                  traded to Worcester


Rapid City:         

Add        Michael Bitzer, G                 activated from reserve [12/8]

Delete     Adam Carlson, G                 placed on reserve [12/8]


South Carolina: 

Add        Joey Roberts, G                    added as EBUG

Delete     Parker Milner, G                   placed on reserve

Delete     John MacLeod, D                                placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/22)

Add        Sam Fioretti, F                      activated from reserve [12/7]



Add        Kevin Lohan, D                   activated from Injured Reserve

Delete     Brenden Kotyk, D               placed on reserve



Add        Renars Krastenbergs, F       activated from reserve

Delete     Robbie Hall, D                     placed on reserve



Add        Ivan Kosorenkov, F            activated from reserve

Delete     Nick Bligh, F                         traded to Atlanta