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ECHL Transactions - Nov. 15

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, November 15, 2019:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Robbie Hall, D





Delete   Shaw Boomhower, F      recalled by Rochester


Fort Wayne:  

Add       Jason Binkley, D                            returned from loan to Cleveland

Add       Brycen Martin, D                           activated from reserve

Add       Shawn St-Amant, F         activated from reserve

Delete   Will Petschenig, D          placed on reserve

Delete   Patrick Munson, G          placed on reserve



Add       Mitch Moroz, F                activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Jeff King, D                      activated from reserve

Delete   Nolan Gluchowski, D     placed on reserve

Delete   Brett Supinski, F                            placed on reserve



Add       Dante Salituro, F                           activated from reserve

Add       Sam Kurker, F                 activated from reserve

Delete   Karl El-Mir, F                  placed on reserve

Delete   Tim Shoup, D                   placed on reserve



Add       Dajon Mingo, D               activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Brendan Warren, F         activated from reserve

Delete   Alexis D’Aoust, F             recalled by Manitoba

Delete   Derek Barach, F                             recalled by Cleveland



Add       Ian Edmondson, D         activated from reserve

Delete   Cory Dunn, D                   placed on reserve


Kansas City:

Add       Ryan Van Stralen, F        activated from reserve

Add       Tad Kozun, F                   activated from reserve

Delete   Greg Betzold, F                placed on reserve

Delete   Justin Woods, D                            placed on reserve

Delete   Corey Schueneman, D    recalled by Stockton



Add       Joe Duszak, D                  assigned from Toronto (AHL) by Toronto (NHL)

Add       Evan Neugold, D                           activated from reserve

Delete   Alex Gudbranson, D       placed on reserve



Add       Shane Eiserman, F          activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Alex Sakellaropoulos, G activated from reserve

Delete   Brandon Halverson, G   placed on reserve

Delete   Alex Jaeckle, D                placed on reserve



Add       Lucas Kohls, F                 signed contract, added to active roster

Delete   Mike Monfredo, D          placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/15)

Delete   Ryan Lohin, F                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/9)

Delete   Alexander Kuqali, D       placed on Injured Reserve (effective 11/15)


Rapid City:     

Add       Alex Rauter, F                  activated from reserve

Delete   Stephane Legault, F        placed on reserve



Add       Thomas Ebbing, F           signed contract, added to active roster


South Carolina:          

Add       Billy Christopoulos, G    signed contract, added to active roster

Delete   Parker Milner, G                            recalled by Hershey



Add       Mark Auk, D                    activated from reserve

Add       Alex Kromm, F                activated from reserve

Delete   Brett Boeing, F                placed on reserve

Delete   Marcus Vela, F                 placed on reserve



Add       Ian McNulty, F                activated from reserve

Delete   Connor Moynihan, F      placed on reserve

Delete   Ryan Tesink, F                 placed on reserve



Add       Teigan Zahn, D                activated from reserve

Add       Connor Yau, D                 activated from reserve

Delete   J.C. Brassard, D               placed on reserve



Add       Shane Walsh, F               activated from reserve