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ECHL Transactions - Dec. 13

ECHL Transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, December 13, 2019:



Add       Matt Lippa, F                   signed contract, added to active roster



Add       Jordan Topping, F           activated from reserve

Add       Spencer Asuchak, F        activated from reserve

Delete   Greg Campbell, D            placed on reserve

Delete   Stepan Falkovsky, D       placed on reserve

Delete   Josh Lammon, F                            placed on family leave



Add       Josh Thrower, D                            activated from reserve

Delete   Robbie Hall, D                 placed on reserve



Add       Andrew DeBrincat, D     activated from reserve

Delete   Nate Mitton, F                 placed on reserve


Fort Wayne:  

Add       Chase Stewart, D                           activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Brady Shaw, F                  activated from reserve

Delete   Shawn St-Amant, F         placed on reserve



Add       Mike Monfredo, D          added to active roster (traded from Orlando)

Add       Matt Marcinew, F           assigned by Springfield

Delete   Kamerin Nault, F                           placed on reserve

Delete   Johno May, F                   traded to Orlando [12/12]



Add       Anthony Nellis, F                          activated from reserve

Add       Zack Andrusiak, F           activated from reserve

Delete   Brett Supinski, F                            placed on reserve

Delete   Max Coatta, F                  placed on reserve



Add       Brennan Sanford, F        activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Justin Kovacs, F                            activated from reserve

Delete   Matt Iacopelli, F                            placed on reserve



Add       Mike Crocock, D                            activated from reserve

Delete   Mac Hollowell, D            recalled to Toronto (AHL) by Toronto (NHL)



Add       Christian Horn, F                          activated from Injured Reserve

Add       Ryan Salkeld, F               activated from reserve

Delete   Charlie O’Connor, F       placed on reserve



Add       Johno May, F                   added to active roster (traded from Greenville)

Add       Hunter Fejes, F               activated from reserve

Delete   Colby McAuley, F            placed on reserve

Add       Hunter Fejes, F               returned from loan to Manitoba [12/12]

Delete   Hunter Fejes, F               placed on reserve [12/12]

Delete   Mike Monfredo, D          traded to Greenville [12/12]


Rapid City:

Add       Eric Israel, D                    activated from reserve

Add       Taylor Crunk, F               activated from reserve

Delete   Ryker Killins, D               placed on reserve

Delete   Giovanni Fiore, F                          recalled to Tucson by Arizona



Add       Marly Quince, F                             activated from reserve



Add       Brandon Anselmini, D   returned from loan to Grand Rapids

Delete   Mike Moffat, D                placed on reserve



Add       J.J. Piccinich, F                assigned by San Antonio



Add       Brad Barone, G                activated from reserve

Delete   Patrick McGrath, F         placed on reserve



Add       Garrett Schmitz, D          activated from reserve

Delete   Jacob Graves, D                             placed on reserve