ECHL Transactions - March 8

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, March 8, 2019:



Add        Shane Conacher, F             activated from Injured Reserve

Delete    Conor Riley, F                   loaned to Providence

Delete    Alex Sakellaropoulos, G   loaned to Springfield



Add        Malcolm Gould, F             added to active roster (traded from Newfoundland)

Add        Dalton Thrower, D             activated from Injured Reserve



Add        Brett McKenzie, F             assigned by Providence



Add        Jake Ringuette, D                             signed contract, added to active roster



Add        Callum Booth, G                assigned from Charlotte by Carolina                          

Add        Tommy Thompson, F         activated from reserve


Fort Wayne:      

Add        Phelix Martineau, F           assigned by Laval

Add        Gregg Burmaster, F           activated from reserve

Delete    Oskari Halme, D                placed on reserve

Delete    Garrett Clarke, D               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/25)



Add        Steve McParland, F           returned from loan to San Diego

Delete    Tanner Froese, F                placed on reserve

Delete    Alexander Dahl, F             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/3)



Add        Christian Frey, G               added to active roster (traded from Utah)

Add        Dajon Mingo, D                 activated from reserve

Delete    Tanner Jaillet, G                placed on reserve

Delete    Matt Ustaski, F                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/14)

Delete    Justin Woods, D                recalled by Manitoba

Delete    Scott Dornbrock, D            suspended by team, removed from active roster



Add        Trevor Boyd, F                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Tyler Ganly, D                   activated from Injured Reserve

Delete    Matt Joyaux, D                  placed on reserve

Delete    Brandon Lubin, D              placed on reserve



Add        Cory Dunn, D                     signed ATO, added to active roster

Add        Brady Ferguson, F             assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Add        Semyon Babintsev, F         activated from reserve

Delete    Ilya Nekolenko, D              placed on reserve

Delete    Maxim Mizyurin, F           placed on reserve

Delete    Zach O’Brien, F                 recalled by Toronto (AHL)



Add        Shane Eiserman, F             added to active roster (traded from South Carolina)

Add        Christian Horn, F               added to active roster (traded from South Carolina)


Rapid City:        

Add        Dexter Dancs, F                 added to active roster (traded from Manchester)

Add        Alex Rauter, F                   added to active roster (traded from Fort Wayne)

Add        Garrett Klotz, F                 activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Matt Harrington, F            activated from reserve

Delete    Michael Stenerson, F         suspended by team



Add        Jamie Phillips, G               assigned by Charlotte

Add        Corey Mackin, F                signed ATO, added to active roster


South Carolina: 

Add        Chase Harrison, D             added to active roster (traded from Norfolk)

Add        Cameron Askew, F            activated from reserve



Delete    Greg Wolfe, F                    loaned to Cleveland



Add        Craig Pefley, F                   signed contract, added to active roster



Add        Dane Birks, D                    activated from reserve

Delete    Craig Skudalski, D            placed on reserve



Add        Dillon Donnelly, D            activated from reserve [3/7]

Delete    Tyler Elbrecht, D               placed on reserve [3/7]

Delete    Mark MacMillan, F           placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/1) [3/7]