ECHL Transactions - March 9

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, March 9, 2019:



Add        John Furgele, D                 added to active roster (traded from Maine)

Add        Joshua Victor, D                activated from reserve

Delete    Derek Nesbitt, F                placed on reserve



Delete    Austin McEneny, D           placed on reserve

Delete    Jackson Leef, F                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/3)



Delete    Matt Cooper, G                  released as EBUG

Add        Matt Cooper, G                  added as EBUG [3/8]


Fort Wayne:      

Add        Josh Elmes, D                    added to active roster (traded from Rapid City)

Delete    Kyle Hope, F                      placed on reserve



Add        Braden Hellems, D            activated from reserve

Delete    Alex Brooks, D                  placed on reserve



Add        Matt Marcinew, F              assigned by Springfield



Add        Colby McAuley, F             assigned by San Jose [3/8]

Delete    Brent Pedersen, F                             loaned to Manitoba [3/8]


Rapid City:        

Add        Myles McGurty, D            added to active roster (traded from Orlando)

Add        Jack Riley, F                      added to active roster (traded from Florida)

Add        Liam Bilton, F                   added to active roster (traded from Florida)

Delete    Sam Wilbur, F                   placed on reserve

Delete    Matt Harrington, F            placed on reserve

Delete    Zach Fischer, F                  placed on Injured Reserve



Add        Jacob Graves, D                 activated from Injured Reserve

Delete    Brayden Low, F                 placed on reserve



Add        Hunter Smith, F                 activated from reserve



Add        Mike Wallingford, G         added as EBUG [3/8]



Add        Ross Olsson, F                   signed contract, released from ATO

Add        Charley Michalowski, F    signed contract, added to active roster

Delete    Ryan Mackinnon, D           recalled by Bridgeport

Delete    Mike Cornell, D                 recalled by Bridgeport

Delete    Nick Sorkin, F                   loaned to Binghamton