ECHL Transactions - April 7

Following are the ECHL transactions for Sunday, April 7th, 2019:


AMATEUR TRYOUT PLAYERS RELEASED (unrestricted free agents):



Jack MacNee, D


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (unrestricted free agents as per ECHL Playing Rule 73(f)):



Nikolas Olsson, F



Mike Robinson, F

Parker AuCoin, F

Jared Freadrich, D



Jeff Lerg, G

Connor Schmidt, D



Josh Henke, F

R.T. Rice, F





Add        Kelly Summers, D             returned from loan to Belleville

Add        Shane Conacher, F             activated from reserve

Delete    Mike Szmatula, F                             placed on reserve



Add        Adam Smith, D                  signed contract, added to active roster

Delete    Brady Fleurent, F                             placed on reserve

Add        Avery Peterson, F              activated from reserve [4/6]



Add        Matt Campagna, F             activated from reserve

Add        Bo Pieper, F                       activated from reserve

Delete    Nathan Todd, F                  placed on reserve

Delete    David Vallorani, F             placed on reserve


Fort Wayne:      

Add        Jamie Schaafsma, F           activated from reserve

Add        Kevin Gibson, D                activated from reserve

Delete    Zach Fucale, G                   placed on reserve

Delete    Sean Flanagan, D               placed on reserve



Add        Eric Sweetman, D              returned from loan to Grand Rapids

Add        James Phelan, F                 activated from reserve

Delete    Tony Calderone, F             placed on reserve



Add        Eric Messer, G                   added as EBUG [4/6]

Delete    Ivan Kulbakov, G                             recalled by Utica [4/6 ]



Add        Richie Boyd, D                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Wade Murphy, F                activated from reserve

Add        Ryan Ferrill, F                   activated from reserve

Delete    Dillan Fox, F                      placed on reserve

Delete    Zeb Knutson, F                  placed on reserve

Delete    Johnny Coughlin, D           placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/7)



Add        Marcus Power, F                activated from reserve

Add        Josh Kestner, F                  activated from reserve

Delete    Matt Bradley, F                 placed on reserve

Delete    Cory Dunn, D                     placed on reserve



Add        Cody Donaghey, D            assigned from San Jose (AHL) by San Jose (NHL)

Add        Michael Brodzinski, D      assigned from San Jose (AHL) by San Jose (NHL)

Add        Olivier Archambault, F     activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Troy Bourke, F                  activated from reserve

Delete    Jackson Playfair, F            placed on reserve



Add        A.J. Jenks, F                       activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Chris Crane, F                    activated from reserve

Add        Justin Kea, F                      activated from reserve

Add        Paolo Battisti, G                added as EBUG

Delete    Greg Wolfe, F                    placed on reserve

Delete    Shane Berschbach, F         placed on reserve



Add        Bobby Watson, F               activated from reserve

Delete    Jared Thomas, F                 placed on reserve

Add        Scott Moldenhauer, D       assigned by San Diego [4/6]

Add        Alex Dostie, F                    assigned from San Diego by Anaheim [4/6]

Delete    Bobby Watson, F               placed on reserve [4/6]

Delete    Ian Keserich, G                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/3) [4/6]



Add        R.T. Rice, F                        activated from Injured Reserve



Add        Aaron Titcomb, D              activated from reserve

Add        Jordan Neamonitis, G        added as EBUG

Delete    Jordan Ruby, G                  suspended by team, removed from active roster



Add        Ryan Hubbard, G               added as EBUG

Add        Matt Gaudreau, F                             activated from reserve

Delete    Bo Brauer, F                      placed on reserve