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ECHL Transactions - Feb. 15

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, February 15, 2020:



Add       Colton Heffley, F                           activated from reserve

Delete   Tyler Sheehy, F                placed on reserve



Add       Matt McLeod, F                             activated from reserve



Add       Jeff Taylor, G                   added as EBUG

Delete   Michael Houser, G          recalled by Rochester


Fort Wayne:  

Add       Gage Torrel, F                  activated from reserve

Delete   Brady Shaw, F                  placed on reserve

Delete   Ben Jones, F                    recalled to Chicago (AHL) by Vegas



Add       Ryan Black, D                  activated from reserve

Delete   John Furgele, D                             placed on reserve



Add       Kent Nusbaum, G           added as EBUG

Delete   Colton Point, G                recalled to Texas by Dallas



Add       Chad McDonald, F          signed contract, added to active roster

Delete   Josh Teves, D                   recalled to Utica by Vancouver



Add       Brian Hart, F                    activated from reserve

Delete   Dallas Rossiter, D           placed on reserve

Delete   Jonathan Racine, D        suspended by team



Add       Clint Windsor, G                           activated from reserve

Delete   Zach Fucale, G                 placed on reserve


Rapid City:

Add       Alex Sakellaropoulos, G activated from reserve

Delete   Merrick Madsen, G         placed on reserve



Delete   Eric Knodel, D                 recalled by Lehigh Valley

Delete   David Drake, D                recalled by Lehigh Valley


South Carolina:          

Delete   Branden Troock, F          loaned to Cleveland



Add       Filip Larsson, G               activated from reserve

Add       Kyle Bonis, F                    activated from reserve

Delete   Alex Kromm, F                placed on reserve

Delete   Trevor Gorsuch, G          placed on reserve



Add       Ryan Tesink, F                 activated from Injured Reserve

Delete   Evan Fitzpatrick, G         placed on reserve



Add       Brad Drobot, F                 activated from reserve

Delete   Craig Skudalski, D          placed on reserve



Add       Taylor Pryce, F                 signed contract, added to active roster

Delete   Vincent Desharnais, D   recalled by Bakersfield

Delete   Chris Crane, F                  suspended by team, removed from roster [2/14]



Add       Ian Milosz, G                   activated from reserve

Delete   Ryan MacKinnon, D       recalled by Bridgeport