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ECHL Transactions - Jan. 8

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, January 8, 2021:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


Kansas City:      

Anthony Collins, F





Add        Lukas Craggs, F                 added to NHL/AHL Active List (moved from Active Roster)

Add        Jeff Malott, F                     activated from reserve

Add        Joe Pendenza, F                 activated from reserve

Delete    Levko Koper, F                  placed on reserve



Add        Riley McKay, F                 activated from reserve

Delete    Joe Sullivan, F                   placed on reserve


Kansas City:

Add        Adam Brady, F                   assigned by Stockton

Add        Dylan Malmquist, F           activated from reserve

Delete    Ross Olsson, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Devante Stephens, D         assigned from Tampa Bay

Add        Ryan Lohin, F                    assigned by Tampa Bay

Delete    Tad Kozun, F                     placed on reserve


Rapid City:        

Add        Butrus Ghafari, D                             signed contract, added to active roster

Delete    Shawn Boutin, D                placed on reserve


South Carolina: 

Add        Matt Madore, G                 added as EBUG



Add        Brent Gates, F                    activated from reserve

Add        Justin Taylor, F                  activated from reserve

Delete    Kevin Domingue, F           placed on reserve

Delete    Alex Brooks, D                  placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List



Add        Miles Gendron, D              activated from reserve

Delete    Tanner Jago, D                   placed on reserve



Add        Ben Freeman, F                  activated from reserve

Delete    Dane Birks, D                    placed on reserve



Add        Dean Stewart, D                 signed contract, added to active roster

Delete    Dean Stewart, D                 placed on reserve

Delete    Patrik Parkkonen, D          placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/2)