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ECHL Transactions - March 26

ECHL Transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, March 26, 2021:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Sean Bonar, G


Rapid City:        

Gordon Defiel, G





Add        Frank Marotte, G               assigned by Bridgeport

Add        Colby McAuley, F             activated from Injured Reserve

Delete    Justin Kapelmaster, G       placed on reserve

Delete    Jesse Mychan, F                placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/18)

Delete    Dyson Stevenson, F           placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/15)

Add        Tim Doherty, F                  signed contract, added to active roster [3/25]



Add        Jordan Papirny, G              signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Hugo Roy, F                       activated from reserve

Delete    Tommy Marchin, F            placed on reserve


Fort Wayne:      

Add        Dylan Ferguson, G             assigned from Henderson by Vegas

Add        Marcus McIvor, D             activated from reserve

Add        Zach Pochiro, F                 activated from reserve

Add        A.J. Jenks, F                       activated from reserve

Delete    Jake Theut, G                     placed on reserve

Delete    Morgan Adams-Moisan, F               placed on reserve

Delete    Oliver Cooper, F                placed on reserve

Delete    Anthony Nellis, F                             placed on reserve

Delete    Nolan LaPorte, F               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/21)



Add        Jake Kupsky, G                  activated from reserve

Add        Eric Williams, D                activated from reserve

Delete    Ryan Bednard, G               placed on reserve

Delete    Gordi Myer, D                   placed on reserve



Add        Brad Morrison, F               assigned from Rockford by Chicago (NHL)

Add        Chad Yetman, F                 assigned by Rockford

Add        Cliff Watson, D                 returned from loan to Rockford

Add        Tim Davison, D                 activated from reserve

Add        Jared Thomas, F                 activated from reserve

Add        Darian Skeoch, F               activated from reserve

Delete    Anthony Wyse, D              placed on reserve

Delete    Michael McNicholas, F     placed on reserve

Delete    Diego Cuglietta, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Mathew Thompson, F        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/22)

Delete    Ryan Zuhlsdorf, D             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/22)



Add        James Stratton, G                             added as EBUG



Add        Karlis Cukste, D                assigned by San Jose (AHL)

Add        Jerry D’Amigo, F                             activated from reserve

Delete    Zack Andrusiak, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Matthew Spencer, D          placed on reserve

Delete    Chaz Reddekopp, D           recalled by San Jose (AHL)


Rapid City:        

Add        Brad Barone, G                  added to active roster (traded from Utah)

Add        Jack Suter, F                      activated from reserve

Delete    Darren Brady, D                placed on reserve

Delete    Tom Hodges, G                  released as EBUG


South Carolina:

Add        Parker Milner, G                added as EBUG

Add        Connor Moore, D                             activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Hunter Shepard, G             activated from reserve

Delete    Sean Romeo, G                  placed on reserve

Delete    Alex Dubeau, G                 placed on reserve

Delete    Ryan Cook, D                    placed on reserve

Delete    Matt Weis, F                      placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List

Delete    Cole Fraser, D                    placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List



Add        Garrett Cecere, D                             activated from reserve

Add        Danny Moynihan, F           activated from reserve



Add        Garrett Metcalf, G             signed contract, released from ATO

Add        Teigan Zahn, D                  activated from reserve

Delete    Garrett Metcalf, G             placed on reserve



Add        Shane Starrett, G               assigned by Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

Add        Kyle Marino, F                  activated from reserve

Add        Jacob Pritchard, F              activated from reserve

Delete    Dyllan Lubbesmeyer, G     placed on reserve

Delete    Patrick Watling, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Garet Hunt, F                     placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/25)

Add        Hayden Hodgson, F           activated from Injured Reserve [3/25]

Delete    Hayden Hodgson, F           traded to Utah [3/25]