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ECHL Transactions - May 12

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Wednesday, May 12, 2021:



​Add​ Devin Cooley, G​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add ​Michael Neville, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Marcus Vela, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Kyle Neuber, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Michael Downing, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Luke Nogard, F​ placed on reserve


Fort Wayne:

Add​ Dylan Ferguson, G​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Zach Pochiro, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Robbie Beydoun, G​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Blake Siebenaler, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Oliver Cooper, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Zach Pochiro, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Nick Boka, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​Trevor Gorsuch, G​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Jackson Leef, F​ placed on reserve



Add​ Garrett Thompson, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete ​Greg Meireles, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Anthony Rinaldi, F​ placed on reserve



Add​ Tim Shoup, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Jordan Schneider, D​ placed on reserve


Kansas City:

Add​ Connor Doherty, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Noah Delmas, D​ placed on reserve


Rapid City:​

Add​ John Albert, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Johnny Coughlin, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Tyler Coulter, F ​activated from reserve

​Add​ Mike Hedden, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Jack Suter, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Charles Curti, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Gabe Chabot, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Andrew Sturtz, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/9)


South Carolina:​

Add​ Cameron Askew, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Dan DeSalvo, F​ placed on reserve



​Delete​ Kevin Carr, G​ recalled by Colorado (AHL) 



Add​ Louis-Philippe Guindon, G​ added to active roster (claimed from Fort Wayne)

​Add ​Tim Doherty, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete ​Shane Starrett, G​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Kyle Marino, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Matt Foley, D​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/8)