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ECHL Transactions - May 22

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, May 22, 2021:



Add        Marcus Vela, F                  activated from reserve

Add        Hugo Roy, F                       activated from reserve

Delete    Mason Mitchell, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Michael Huntebrinker, F   placed on reserve



Add        Spencer Watson, F             activated from reserve

Delete    Alex Rauter, F                   placed on reserve



Add        Jason Binkley, D                activated from reserve

Add        Derek Lodermeier, F         activated from reserve

Delete    Jacob Cederholm, D          placed on reserve

Delete    Ian McKinnon, F                placed on reserve


Kansas City:      

Add        Loren Ulett, F                    activated from reserve

Delete    Koletrane Wilson, D          placed on reserve


Rapid City:        

Add        Adam Carlson, G               activated from reserve

Add        Garrett Klotz, F                 activated from reserve

Delete    Johnny Coughlin, D           placed on reserve

Delete    Brad Barone, G                  placed on reserve


South Carolina: 

Add        Zachary Malatesta, D        activated from reserve

Delete    Caleb Herbert, F                placed on reserve



Add        Noel Hoefenmayer, D        assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Add        Jeremy McKenna, F           assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Add        Gordie Green, F                 assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Add        Bobby McMann, F             assigned by Toronto (AHL)

Delete    Garrett Schmitz, D             placed on reserve

Delete    Sean Allen, D                     placed on reserve

Delete    Peter Crinella, F                placed on reserve

Add        Evan Buitenhuis, G            activated from reserve [5/21]

Add        Anthony Beauregard, F     activated from reserve [5/21]

Delete    Ian Scott, G                        placed on reserve [5/21]