Events, Competitors Announced For
ECHL All-Star Game Skills Competition

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL All-Stars will take the ice at Save Mart Center on Tuesday at 7:05 p.m. PT for the ECHL All-Star Skills Competition presented by Bud Light.

Sponsored by Bud Light and hosted by the Fresno Falcons, the ECHL All-Star Game presented by Bud Light will be played at 7:05 p.m. PT on Wednesday at Save Mart Center.

Competing for American Conference in the In Glas Co Puck Control Relay will be South Carolina’s Jeff Legue, Wheeling’s Sean Collins and Reading’s Mike Kompon. Competing for the National Conference will be Alaska’s Alex Leavitt, Fresno’s Luke Curtin and Long Beach’s Steve Villeneuve. In the one-on-one Puck Control Relay, it will be Pensacola’s Luke Fulghum representing the American Conference against Long Beach’s Justin Aikins.

Competing for the American Conference in the RBK Hockey Fastest Skater competition will be Florida’s Daniel Sisca and Chris Lee and Columbia’s Brandon Nolan. Representing the National Conference will be Phoenix’s Shawn Snider, San Diego’s Jesse Bennefield and Idaho’s Garett Bembridge. The record for fastest skater is 13.395 by Jeff Lazaro in 1998.

In the CCM Vector Hardest Shot competition, the American Conference will have Augusta’s Brian Passmore, Reading’s T.J. Kemp, Florida’s Ernie Hartlieb and Charlotte’s Rory Rawlyk while the National Conference will have Long Beach’s Christian Larrivee, Victoria’s Steve Lingren, Idaho’s Mike Gabinet and Fresno’s Dustin VanBallegooie. The record for hardest shot is 99.3 mph by Jaroslav Obsut in 1999.

In the RBK Hockey Rapid Fire competition, representing the American Conference will be Trenton’s Scott Bertoli and Reading’s T.J. Kemp against Las Vegas’ Marc Magliarditi, Gwinnett’s Jeff Campbell and Dayton’s Tyson Teplitsky against Fresno’s Brett Jaeger, and Greenville’s Tyler Mosienko and Gwinnett’s Troy Milam against Stockton’s Jake Moreland. The National Conference will have Stockton’s Mike Lalonde and Fresno’s Luke Curtin against Johnstown’s Jonathan Boutin, Idaho’s D’Arcy McConvey and Las Vegas’ Marco Peluso against Charlotte’s Jeff Glass and Alaska’s Ryan Gaucher and Bakersfield’s Scott Basiuk against Wheeling’s Andy Franck.

In the MeiGray Group Accuracy Shooting Competition, the shooters for the National Conference will be Victoria’s Adam Taylor, Idaho’s Garett Bembridge and Utah’s Matt Craig while the shooters for the American Conference will be Toledo’s Gerry Burke, Gwinnett’s Guillaume Desbiens and Wheeling’s Sean Collins.

In the RBK Hockey Breakaway Relay, the National Conference’s Jake Moreland of Stockton will face Wheeling’s Sean Collins, Reading’s T.J. Kemp, South Carolina’s Jeff Legue, Greenville’s Tyler Mosienko, Florida’s Chris Lee and Gwinnett’s Guillaume Desbiens while Fresno’s Brett Jaeger will face Pensacola’s Luke Fulghum, Florida’s Daniel Sisca, Toledo’s Gerry Burke, Columbia’s Brandon Nolan, Dayton’s Tyson Teplitsky and Gwinnett’s Jeff Campbell and Las Vegas’ Marc Magliarditi will face Augusta’s Brian Passmore, Charlotte’s Rory Rawlyk, Gwinnett’s Troy Milam, Reading’s Mike Kompon, Florida’s Ernie Hartlieb and Trenton’s Scott Bertoli. The American Conference’s Andy Franck of Wheeling will face Utah’s Matt Craig, San Diego’s Jesse Bennefield, Long Beach’s Steve Villeneuve, Alaska’s Alex Leavitt, Idaho’s Mike Gabinet and Victoria’s Adam Taylor while Charlotte’s Jeff Glass will face Long Beach’s Christian Larrivee, Phoenix’s Shawn Snider, Victoria’s Steve Lingren, Idaho’s Garett Bembridge, Fresno’s Dustin VanBallegooie and Las Vegas’ Marco Peluso and Johnstown’s Jonathan Boutin will face Alaska’s Ryan Gaucher, Long Beach’s Justin Aikins, Bakersfield’s Scott Basiuk, Stockton’s Mike Lalonde, Idaho’s D’Arcy McConvey and Fresno’s Luke Curtin.

ECHL Skills Competition Results

2005 Skills Competition at Reading, Pa.
National Conference 10, American Conference 9

2004 Skills Competition at Peoria, Ill.
Eastern Conference 11, Western Conference 10

2003 Skills Competition at Estero, Fla.
Northern Conference 12, Southern Conference 9

2002 Skills Competition at Trenton, N.J.
Southern Conference 16, Northern Conference 8

2001 Skills Competition at North Little Rock, Ark.
Southern Conference 15, Northern Conference 5

2000 Skills Competition at Greenville, S.C.
Northern Conference 11, Southern Conference 8

1999 Skills Competition at Biloxi, Miss.
Southern Conference 13, Northern Conference 8

1998 Skills Competition at Lafayette, La.
Canada All-Stars 10, USA/World All-Stars 9