Everblades’ MacKay Wins ECHL Merchandiser Award

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL announced on Tuesday that that for the second consecutive year Bill MacKay of the Florida Everblades is the recipient of the ECHL Merchandiser Award.

MacKay, who becomes the first two-time winner of the annual award, has been director of merchandise for the Everblades since the team’s inception in 1998.

The University of Richmond graduate was director of Florida operations for the Boston Red Sox from 1990-96 and managed an international project at the 1996 Summer Olympics. A two-time recipient of baseball executive of the year awards, he began his career with the Atlanta Braves in 1980 and has also worked for both the New York Yankees and in Oakland where he was on the staff when the A’s won the World Series in 1989.

ECHL Merchandiser Award Winners

Year Recipient Team
2005-06 Bill MacKay Florida Everblades
2004-05 Bill MacKay Florida Everblades
2003-04 Brian Hommel Reading Royals